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Circular Cuisine

Sustainable Starters

Sustainable Salad

Fresh salad made with locally sourced organic vegetables and herbs.

€ 12

Circular Soup

Seasonal soup using surplus vegetables and herbs, reducing food waste.

€ 8

Upcycled Bruschetta

Toasted bread topped with repurposed ingredients like tomato jam and herb-infused oil.

€ 10

Circular Creations

Recycled Ravioli

Handmade ravioli filled with upcycled cheese and vegetable blend, served with a sustainable pesto sauce.

€ 18

Circular Curry

A flavorful curry dish made with rescued ingredients and served with rice from a local cooperative.

€ 16

Eco-friendly Enchiladas

Enchiladas filled with repurposed beans and vegetables, topped with a circular cheese sauce.

€ 14

Eco Sweets

Upcycled Tart

A delicious tart made with rescued fruits and a crust from repurposed grains.

€ 9

Circular Cheesecake

A creamy cheesecake using surplus dairy products and a crust made from recycled nuts.

€ 11

Sustainable Sorbet

Refreshing sorbet made with rescued fruits and herbs, served in a biodegradable cup.

€ 7

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